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Employees Testimonials:

“It is truly easy to recommend your company and I really appreciate many things about your company. Here are some of my favorites that I tell my friends about.

1. Accessibility-very easy to access needed materials for therapy or find needed paperwork also can easily get in touch with my manager for big and small problems.

2. Family Friendly-I don’t have to hide the fact that family is a priority because it is obvious the owner’s family is a priority as well, that was evident from my first meeting with the owner. I’m a little embarrassed to say that last meeting I “attended” with my phone and ear buds even though I was at gymnastics and a basketball practice because my husband was out of town. I like the technology of the meetings.

3. Honesty-I really appreciate that the manager is honest with me about the positions and where in the process with the contract for the schools you may be at the time.

IEP Therapy has really been a blessing to me and my family.”

Shannon, SLP- Indiana

“IEP Therapy is the Greatest! I have had the pleasure of working for IEP Therapy for two years now. IEP Therapy has created a wonderfully supportive environment in which to work. They have a vast library of therapy materials that meet the needs of a wide spectrum of speech/language client needs. In addition, IEP Therapy employees are offered monthly idea-sharing meetings during which we work together to solve problems and collect materials. IEP Therapy has a fine reputation in the school systems and among therapists because it generates excellence.”

Mona, SLP

“IEP Therapy provided me with a wonderful mentorship during my CF experience. That support has only continued in years since through monthly meetings where we share ideas, materials and problem-solve difficult situations.

Chrissy, SLP

Schools Testimonials:

“We have worked with IEP Therapy for several years now, and there is no other company that I care to work with.”

Bill – Special Education Director